Office 2016 brings enhanced security to enterprise customers

Office 2016’s official release was the big news this week, and it’s not just a focus on collaboration that makes the newest Office so important. Brad Anderson, Microsoft Corporate Vice President, Enterprise Client & Mobility, went on the record on the Technet blog in calling Office 2016 the “most secure Office ever”. That’s a pretty heady claim, but Anderson provides some significant evidence to back it up–at least, when it comes to how organizations implement Office.

According to Anderson, Microsoft’s approach to Office security centers around three basic components, all of which relate to organizations implementing the right infrastructure to enable security elements built into Office 2016:

– Data Protection and Data Loss Prevention

– Ensure The User is Who They Say They Are

– Protect Data At-Rest and In-motion

Each of these components relies on enterprise-level tools that IT organizations can implement to leverage in-box elements of Office 2016. For example, “Data Protection and Loss Prevention” utilizes group policies that can read the information in Office documents and flag users to ensure that the information is being accessed by the right people and used for the right purposes. Identity services utilizing multi-factor authentication ensures that documents can be locked down. And Office 2016’s Rights Management capabilities further lock down how documents are shared and accessed on non-Windows devices, meaning that iOS today (and Android soon) will provide the same level of security that Windows has historically provided.

Office 2016 policies limit access to corporate information.

Office 2016 policy support limits access to corporate information.

The biggest takeaway from Anderson’s post is that Microsoft has compiled a number of enterprise-level tools to enable enhanced security in Office 2016. There’s a host of information that he provides for the IT professional to delve into in order to architect a highly secure information environment:

The bottom line is this: if you want a truly secure platform for sharing information across an organization, then Office 2016 is really the only game in town.

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