Office 2013 Professional Plus now available for those with a Software Assurance subscription

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Office 2013

For those that didnt know, Microsoft announced that Office 2013 had finally hit RTM (Release to Manufacturing) back in early October of 2011 and said that we would see general availability during the first quarter of 2013. Office 2013 brings a new touch friendly design for use with the company’s Windows 8 operating system.

Microsoft is now offering Office 2013 Professional Plus for business users who have a Software Assurance subscription, via the Home Use Program. Microsoft offers the HUP to volume license customers with Software Assurance and allows these customers to purchase and run the latest version of Office on their home computer at a cheaper cost. Office 2013 Professional Plus 2013 will run about $9.95 per user via HUP. Office 2013 Pro Plus is only available to volume license customers and comes with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook (with Business Contact Manager), Publisher, Access, InfoPath, Lync and the Office Web Apps.

The general release of Office 2013 for those of you without a Software Assurance subscription is near since Microsoft has yet to reveal an exact date. However, reports indicate that since Microsoft is already offering Office 2013 via Software Assurance, it could be generally/commercially available very soon.

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