Office 2010 apparently discontinued by Microsoft, to be sold until inventory runs out

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Office 2010

According to a new report, Office 2010 has been discontinued by Microsoft. In fact, some retailers have jacked up the price of Office 2010’s cheapest multi-license package as a result. Office 2010 was released by Microsoft back in June of 2010.

Amazon has apparently jacked up the pricing for Office 2010 as a result of the productivity suite being discontinued in favor of the newly released Office 2013. In fact, Amazon lists certain Office 2010 packages almost 13% to 67% more than list price. CDW, on the other hand, has been offering Office 2010 at a slightly cheaper price compared to standard list pricing.

“Microsoft no longer sells Office 2010 on its own online market. A sales representative there confirmed that the suite has been discontinued. Third-party retailers, however, are continuing to sell from their in-hand stock,” the report states. Apparently, the end of life for Office 2010 was January 31st of 2013.

As we all know, Microsoft offers “end of sale” timelines for its Windows operating system, offering an exact date of when a Windows product will no longer be supported and discontinued. However, the company provides no such information for its Office productivity suite.

An interesting tidbit to note is that Office 2007 was discontinued six months after Office 2010 was released. Now it seems that Office 2010 was discontinued only days after Office 2013 was released.

Have you made the upgrade to Office 2013 yet?

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