Office 15 to have touch mode, makes apps more touch-friendly

A new report suggests that Microsoft’s upcoming Office 15 productivity suite will have a button that allows apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to be more touch-friendly. Microsoft has been questioned in recent months on how they would make these apps touch-friendly.

As ZDNET reports, Microsoft is including a button in Office 15 apps such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, that enables a “touch mode.” Microsoft wants the Office interface to switch to something more touch-friendly when the button is pressed. On the flip side, those who are on a PC and prefer a keyboard/mouse set up will not have to worry about it, but those on a tablet can easily press this button.

Microsoft upcoming Office 15 productivity suite has had very little press time as of late. With information slowly coming out about the recently Technical Preview as of late, we finally get to peek into the upcoming Office 15 suite with some recently revealed screenshots which show off the new Metro look.

The Public Preview build of Office 15 is expected this summer with a final release sometime around the end of 2012.

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