Office 15 to have Facebook integration?

Microsoft's Careers Web site today posted a job listing that describes an interesting new feature set to debut in Microsoft's next productivity suite, Office 15. Apparently, Office 15 will feature integration of instant messaging services and social networks such as Facebook.

As ZDNet reports, Microsoft posted a job listing that gave us a little taste of what to expect with Office 15 and Facebook. This is what Microsoft posted:

The Lync Server team is building the next generation of unified communications and collaboration solution for the enterprise and Office 365, transforming the way Information Workers communicate. If you are interested in driving industry leadership & vision for Collaboration from any device anywhere any time while working in an environment that also values execution; the Lync server team is for you!

For Office 15 we're building new products to deliver integration of instant messaging/presence with social networks such as Facebook. In addition, develop Lync XMPP server to deliver seem less interoperation with other XMPP based IM/Presence/Conferencing solutions.

It is unclear as to what Microsoft plans on achieving by integrating Facebook and instant messaging features into Office 15. Would a business find this useful? Give us your thoughts below!

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