OCZ Vertex 3 Retail 120GB Review

by Email Twitter: ronwinbeta Apr 7th, 2011 in News

We’ve already seen a few reviews of pre-production versions of the Vertex 3 Pro and Vertex 3. Both utilize SandForce’s latest generation in SSD controller technology. Now, AnandTech takes a look at the final shipping version of the Vertex 3.

Specifically, AnandTech has on hand the 120GB Vertex 3. This provides an interesting look into how performance is affected in lower capacity SSDs. The unique characteristics of SandForce’s controller allows it to have a write amplification of less than 1 when working with compressible data which increases endurance and performance. However, when factoring in incompressible data such as pictures and movies, performance isn’t as impressive in comparison to other larger next-generation SSDs. Therefore, users would most likely need to purchase the more expensive 240GB Vertex 3 in order to compensate for that decrease in performance.

Nevertheless, the Vertex 3 is one of a number of SSDs that are starting to utilize the potential of the newer SATA 6Gbps interface to significantly increase performance and further distance themselves from traditional hard drives.

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