Oculus Rift completes all pre-order deliveries, Microsoft Store to receive demos soon

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In preparation for the Oculus Connect 3 conference in San Jose, California, Oculus wrote up a blog post to update fans on the happenings for the virtual reality device. The developer conference took a back seat, however, compared to the announcement that all Oculus Rift pre-orders are now shipped.

Originally, there was a severe lack of information regarding who would receive a Rift and when it would be delivered. Buyers were particularly upset after the announcement that Best Buy retail stores across the country were getting stock of them before even they would. Now that Oculus has caught up to the high demand of retail and personal devices, their attention is shifting to making their processing and shipping schedule to a much more manageable two to four business days.

Oculus was very aware of the decisions the company made, offering up a public apology to fans through the post:

We want to apologize for the delays in getting Rifts to doorsteps. We appreciate that without your support, VR wouldn’t be where it is today. Thank you for your patience over the past few months.

The blog goes on to say that Oculus Rifts will now be more available in retail stores across the United States as well as stocked up via online. More demo displays are also to be found in over 500 Best Buy store across the country and Microsoft Stores will start selling the virtual reality device at retail price.

With information to share at the event, including the launch of over thirty new virtual reality games and more information regarding the Touch peripheral, it seems Oculus is starting to catch up to the high demand. Although, compared to its competitor, HTC Vive already shipped with controller peripherals. Maybe the Oculus Connect 3 in October will bring some new information to boost consumer interest, provided it can ship them out at a decent rate moving forward.

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