October 6th event page source code inadvertently confirms Surface, Lumia, Band announcements

Staff Writer

To those who have been following Microsoft news over the last few months, it comes as little surprise that on October 6th the company plans on talking hardware. However, there has been little news about what hardware Microsoft is ready to discuss. Fortunately, some very eager sleuths have broken the source code of Microsoft’s latest event page and made a few discoveries regarding what the public will see in October. Base on the evidence found in the source code, the upcoming event will indeed be about the Surface, Lumia phones, and Microsoft Band 2.

Screenshot 6
Image courtesy of WMPoweruser

Interestingly enough, the page doesn’t confirm which particular devices Microsoft will be talking about, but simple arithmetic can help us fill that gap. This little mishap is a bit odd considering just how airtight Microsoft has been for the most part about information regarding its upcoming devices.
Read more about what to expect from Microsoft’s upcoming event. It may also be worth mentioning that there is a possibility that Microsoft might announce a non-Pro Surface 4. According to rumors, (many of which Tom Warren has vaguely tweeted about), a fanless Surface Pro 4 could be a very real possibility. Utilizing something other than Intel’s Skylake Core M processor along with other useful mobile features such as USB Type-C could make for a very compelling device this shopping season.
Or perhaps, that is just wishful thinking.