Object Theory partners with Microsoft HoloLens, lets users share 3D experiences from remote locations

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At Build 2016, Microsoft has partnered with a number of companies for development on the HoloLens project. One of these highlighted companies is Object Theory, a company specializing in creating experiences utilizing Microsoft's HoloLens product and the Windows Holographic platform. The services they provide are:

  • Mixed Reality Collaboration Service

This service provide organizations the tools to help build holographic and extend the ability to display these 3D experiences remotely, by use of 3D life-sized avatars.

  • Microsoft HoloLens Readiness Program

Object Theory was selected by Microsoft to be a partner in their Readiness Program. This program connects prospective customers of HoloLens, with companies able to provide end-to-end experiences and solutions for their needs. And help in the development of their Holographic content.

  • Open Source Contributions

To help in furthering the development community for HoloLens, Object Theory will be contributing portions of their Mixed Reality service to Microsoft's HoloToolkit framework, which houses helpful utility codes for holographic development.

Object Theory was founded by Raven Zachary and Micheal Hoffman, who use to serve as a lead engineer for the HoloLens team at Microsoft. Their company was founded to provide a mixed-reality collaboration service to organizations, and they provide the tools needed to create multi-user holographic experiences on Microsoft's HoloLens and Windows Holographic platforms.

Let us know in the comments how a company like Object Theory can help in furthering the adoption of holographic experiences on the Windows platform and across different work fields.

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