NZXT’s DOKO will stream Windows from your PC to your living room TV

NZXT's DOKO will stream Windows from your PC to your living room TV

PC gamers swear by the superiority of a PC compared to a console when it comes to games, with potentially higher quality graphics being the main reason. The problem is, the traditional gaming PC was never really designed to sit under a TV in the living room, but NZXT has changed all that with the DOKO.

While streaming PC content over to a TV is not a new concept, current implementations have significant drawbacks. Chromecast for example has high latency and doesn’t support plugging in any USB devices like keyboards or controllers, NVIDIA’s Shield is limited in that it can only be used with NVIDIA hardware, and the Steam machine requires a dedicated full-fledge PC to be in the living room. That’s why NZXT, known mostly for the custom PC cases that they build, came up with the DOKO to stream Windows from a gaming PC that can be in another room directly to the TV over the local network.

NZXT's DOKO will stream Windows from your PC to your living room TV

The DOKO is designed to just work and be extremely simple to set up. Since it’s not a “full PC”, it’s a rather small device with power, HDMI, audio and an Ethernet port on the back and four USB ports in front. After installing the DOKO application, it can stream Windows and any content on the PC, be it desktop applications, videos or games at a resolution of 1920×1080 at 30fps and a low latency of around 50-80ms.

“DOKO allows you to unlock the full potential of any computer in your home, directly onto your TV. Offering complete, unrestricted access to all of your favorite multimedia sources, all of your favorite applications and all of your PC games.” – NZXT

The four USB ports with USB-Over-IP support means you can connect any of your favorite PC peripherals to the DOKO and it would work as if they were connected directly to your PC. Pairing the DOKO up with the Xbox One controller or the Microsoft All-in-One Media Keyboard would be our recommendation.

The DOKO is available for purchase now for $99.99 from the NZXT Armory Store. It currently only ships to a handful of countries, but that should change once the device makes its way to other online retailers such as Amazon and EBay in the near future.  

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