NVIDIA's GeFore Experience updated to version 3.0, offers improved performance and additional features

NVIDIA has released a new update to its GeForce Experience app and the new version 3.0 brings a more polished interface, performance improvements, and more. For those unfamiliar, GeForce Experience is a nice companion app for your NVIDIA GPU: the app can be used to easily update your drivers and it also acts a gaming hub and can automatically configure your games with the best settings. Additionally, the app lets you easily capture and share your gaming moments to Twitch or YouTube.

With this new release, NVIDIA claims that it has "rebuilt the whole thing from the ground up" and the app should now be three times faster than before while using half the memory from the previous version. You can get more details about the new version in the video below:

On a different note, NVIDIA will now require Geforce Experience users to log in via an NVIDIA, Facebook or Google account, though the company explains that using the app will allow users to earn free giveaways including games and graphic cards. You can download the new Geforce Experience app over here, let us know what you think about this new version in the comments below.

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