Nvidia: Windows Phone 7 Apps Will Run On Windows 8

In a recent interview, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang claims that Windows Phone apps will run on Windows 8. This gives hope to Windows Phone app developers who were not too sure about developing for a dieing platform. If true, these developers are also developing for Microsoft’s next generation operating system, Windows 8.

“He said he believes that apps written for Windows Phone 7 will run on Windows 8, which is an operating system designed for both PCs and tablets,” Roger Cheng from CNet states from his interview with Huang.

Windows 8 is slated to be the first version of Windows to support ARM based processors. Nvidia is one of the top manufacturers for ARM-based chip-sets for smartphones and tablets.

Microsoft’s Build developer conference is slated to take place in just one week, and we are hoping to hear more about this and a showcase of Windows 8 at the event.

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