Nvidia teases RTX 40 series announcement

David Allen

Nvidia is getting ready to launch the next-gen 40 series GPUs.  Jensen Huang, Nvidia CEO,  will be holding a special keynote called “GeForce Beyond” on September 20th.  It is expected that Nvidia will announce the 40 series GPU at the event after confirmation that it would discuss the GPU’s architecture. Codenamed Lovelace, the architecture is expected to replace the existing Ampere architecture that powers the existing 30 series cards.

Rumors continue to suggest that Nvidia is working on a 4080 and 4090 GPU that is expected to surpass the current 3080 and even the 3090ti currently on the market.  While Nvidia may be ready to launch the RTX 40-series GPUs alongside the RTX 30-series.  The current market surplus of 30-series cards has forced Nvidia to lower pricing back to MSRP values.  After years of price increases from resellers and the crypto crash, we will likely see the RTX 30-series cards available for some time.

You can catch the GeForce Beyond Stream on Twitch and YouTube, and the event starts at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET on September 20th.

Via The Verge