Nvidia GeForce Experience software enters closed beta, optimizes your game settings

Nvidia has released a new application called GeForce Experience to closed beta testers, which allows gamers to optimize their PC game settings and keep their drivers up to date. GeForce Experience is designed to make it easier to have the appropriate settings for each game you have on your PC.

“NVIDIA has built a gaming supercomputer designed specifically to test thousands of different hardware configurations to find the best settings for each game. The user simply installs GeForce Experience on their system and the app will automatically download the best settings from the server based on the user’s specific hardware configuration. These settings can be applied per game or across all games as desired,” Nvidia stated on an official blog post. Not only can you have the best settings for a game, but the application also downloads the latest drivers automatically. Once the driver is automatically downloaded, the user will be prompted to install with just one click. GeForce Experience will showcase the current games installed on a PC, the settings that are used, and the recommended settings from Nvidia. This application will be great for those who want the best experience for their gaming rig, while accommodating all types of different system setups out there. Check out the video below showcasing the application. For now, this application is limited to closed beta participants, but Nvidia plans on releasing GeForce Experience to open beta testers soon.

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