Nvidia CEO claims they are working hard on the next generation Surface 2.0

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Surface RT

Jen Hsun, CEO at Nvidia has today claimed in an interview with CNET that they are working very hard on the next generation Surface device. Right now, many are calling the next Surface the Surface 2, which makes sense as it will be the second generation Surface device.

It has been rumoured for months now that Microsoft had been developing the Surface 2. More rumors claimed that the company was also working on an 8-inch Surface RT to fight against the iPad Mini. Hsun, talking about the next generation Surface said “We’re working really hard on it, and we hope that it’s going to be a big success.”

Hsun also talked about his love for Outlook on Windows RT, claiming that it’s “the killer app for Windows.” It seems Microsoft might be thinking differently though, as with Windows 8.1 the Modern Mail App will be getting a hefty update which implements a ton of new features such as drag-and-drop and more.

Are you excited about the next generation Surface? It’s clear Microsoft aren’t planning to abandon Windows RT anytime soon, even though the company recently suffered from a $900 million Surface RT right down. Hopefully the next Surface will do far better than it’s current generation!

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