NuGet, Microsoft’s free, open-source development package manager, reaches 1 billion downloads

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Remember Microsoft’s 1 billion ambition for Windows 10? Looks like another of its products has reached the goal first. Microsoft has taken to its developer-focused Channel 9 website to announce a new monumental milestone for the company’s open-source efforts, as its free and open-source package manager NuGet passes the billion download mark.

NuGet was introduced to the world in 2010, and since 2012, had been an integral part Microsoft’s  Visual Studio development platform, before growing into its own ecosystem of tools and services. The package manager started out to automate parts of the software development process for web apps. Microsoft has also released a celebratory 30-plus-minute video in which its in-house open-source and Visual Studio experts talks in detail about how NuGet came to be and the challenges the team have faced to bring it to the current success:

Besides the abundance of technical information that should satisfy enthusiasts and professionals in the related field, the video also reveals some interesting information about NuGet’s development, including a clash with Caltech during the naming process. NuGet was also the first software from Microsoft that’s open-source right from the beginning: the company certainly involved a lot more with open-source than it’s usually given credit for. NuGet’s massive download number is a testament to that fact, and shows that Microsoft’s on a good track to make developers on its platforms happy.

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