NPD Group: If the PC dies, Windows 8 will be responsible for its death

Windows 8

According to an analyst from the NPD Group, more people are migrating from PCs to tablets and smartphones for their daily computing needs. But the PC isnt going anywhere just yet. However, if the PC were to die, Windows 8 would be responsible for its death.

“There is a significant amount of functionality that is best conducted on computers. I’m not in the camp that thinks the PC is going by the wayside. There are just too many households that have computers,” John Buffone of the NPD Group stated in an interview. It seems more and more users are making the switch to smartphones and tablets. In a recent research study, NPD found that 27% of people are claiming that they use their PC less frequently for both Internet access and Facebook activities. “I’m not surprised by the volume of this shift of behavior. When it comes to consumer entertainment, we’re seeing a migration at warp speed. Windows 8 on tablets could change that, but from the sales so far, it’s not going to be rapid,” Buffone added.

With the launch of Windows 8 and the recent launch of the Surface Pro, focus is being shifted from the PC to the mobile market. Buffone expects more people to make the switch over to mobile devices by the end of this year. According to him, if Windows 8 succeeds on tablets, we could be seeing the demise of the PC.

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