How to re-install all your Metro apps in Windows 8 with ease

Have you recently re-installed Windows 8 Release Preview? Or have you just installed it on a new machine and dont feel like installing all your Metro apps individually? Well, don’t worry. In the Release Preview, Microsoft has added a cool feature that allows you to re-install all your apps with just a single click.

First, connect your Windows 8 PC with the same Microsoft Account that you have previously used. By using the Microsoft Account, you get the list of all the apps that you have ever installed on any Windows 8 PC signed in with that Microsoft Account. It also includes the apps that you installed in the Consumer Preview. To install the apps, just go to the Windows Store, move your mouse to the top and right click. Then you will get a green colored bar on the top. Select “Your apps” menu.

Here you will get the list of all the apps that you have installed on any Windows 8 machine. Now just hit the select all button and then select the install option. That’s it. The store will now automatically download and install the apps for you. This feature will save a considerable amount of your time and labour as it will automate this process rather than having to do it manually.

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