Nothing in the pipeline for Crimson Skies, but “definitely could do more with it” says Xbox exec

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Crimson Skies, widely known as an arcade flight-based game published by Microsoft Studios and originally released in 2000 as a PC game, has since seen no successor to the game. Since the original release, a lot has changed – from both a technical viewpoint and a business sense. Microsoft’s gaming efforts have accelerated across both PC and console and the 2 platforms are slowly converging to be one of the same.

A fan of Crimson Skies asked Xbox exec Phil Spencer on Twitter if there’d be a successor to Crimson Skies, Spencer said they “aren’t doing anything with it right now”

Despite this, the response by Spencer is fairly open-ended and could be taken that while they aren’t doing anything “right now,” it is something they’re open to looking into, particularly so with Spencer agreeing they “could do more with it.”

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