“Nothing has changed” about supported Windows 10 Mobile devices, despite Insider website info

Laurent Giret

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When Microsoft started to roll our the Windows 10 Mobile Creators Update in April, many owners of old handsets were disappointed to learn that only 11 eligible phones would get it. People with unsupported phones such as the Lumia 930 and Lumia 1520 could still install the feature update by joining the Release Preview Ring, though new Insider Preview builds (builds from the “feature2” development branch, to be clear) are now only supported on these 11 eligible handsets.

If you’re a Windows Phone enthusiast, you probably already know all this. Earlier today tough, developer and Twitter user @gus33000 spotted something interesting on the new Windows Insider website:  The list of supported devices for Windows 10 Mobile Insider Preview builds had quietly changed for the better, and now including 26 handsets such as the low-end Lumia 430, 532, 635 (1GB of RAM), old phones from American manufacturer BLU and even the Xiaomi Mi4 (an Android phone that received a Windows 10 Mobile ROM). You can see a screenshot of the website below:

Windows Insider website Windows 10 Mobile supported handsets
The new Windows Insider website doesn’t have the latest information about the program.

Unfortunately, Dona Sarkar later confirmed that this information is incorrect, adding that the Windows Insider website needs to be updated. Sorry owners of older handsets, nothing to see here:

Microsoft has yet to update the Windows Insider website with the correct information at the time of our writing, so don’t be mistaken if you visit it today.