Notepad2 5.0.26 Beta 2 released

Notepad2 is another small, fast notepad replacement with some unusual features. It includes zoom, rectangular selection, regular expressions, and more.

Whats new?

– Always use UTF-8 as internal encoding (better clipboard usability)
– Display notification if encoding tag mismatch is detected on save
– Share MRU lists (files, searches) across all Notepad2 instances
– Ini-file option to disable shared MRU lists
– Dialogs making use of MRU lists have options to clear all items
– New hotkey to toggle between stream and block selection (Ctrl+*)
– Remapped “Reset Zoom” hotkey to Ctrl+0
– Remapped “Transparent Mode” hotkey to Ctrl+/
– Ini-file option to force saving empty files with BOM if applicable
– Ini-file option to specify offset of new windows (Alt+N, Alt+0)
– Fixed hang with -u command line switch for non-Administrator user

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