Not just for the Elite: button remapping coming to all Xbox One controllers

Vu Anh Nguyen

Microsoft has recently confirmed that button-remapping capabilities is coming to all Xbox One controllers “soon”, reports Arstechnica.
Button-remapping was introduced along with the Xbox One Elite Controller seemingly as an exclusive feature. A tweet from Microsoft has now confirmed that the capability is being implemented for “all controllers”.

The feature would allow Xbox controller users to reassign the functions of the buttons on their controller as they wish. This can range from swapping X and Y buttons to replacing shooting triggers in shooter games. This follows the release of a similar capability for the PS4 that came with a recent firmware update. It is reasonable to expect that this feature will come with new Xbox One Experience in November, along with other much-anticipated features, including backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 games and a new UI.
The Xbox One Elite Controller, dedicated to professional gamers, was unveiled at E3 this year. Apart from button-remapping capability, the controller sports a number of improvements in design and construction, with metal parts and removable additional buttons.