“Not all tablets are created equal,” Surface Pro 6 survives bend test

Kareem Anderson

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Adding to the fanboy arsenal is Jerry Rig Everything’s latest video where the host puts Microsoft’s Surface Pro 6 through the same paces it did with the Apple’s newly released iPad Pro. While many came to the defense of the iPad Pro’s admittedly, ridiculous torture masqueraded as a stress test, the common understanding is that most, if not all tablets would succumb to bending given enough force.

However, with JRE’s latest video, we see that “not all tablets are created equal,” as the Surface Pro 6 survives (barely) the same bend test that took out the iPad Pro. The host of the video attempts to judiciously explain the how’s and why’s of the Surface Pro 6’s survival and does so by pinning much of its success on the additional plate that is used as the kickstand for the device. Microsoft’s engineering of the built-in kickstand adds an additional layer of rigidity that helps keep the Surface Pro 6’s frame from completely buckling under pressure as Apple’s iPad Pro did. JRE’s host also makes note of manufactured weak points that appear in Apple’s final design of the iPad Pro that aided in its fragility during the bend test, specifically near its plastic cutout and the middle microphone hole.

We’ll save you the heartache of watching a perfectly functioning Surface Pro 6 get cut up, burnt and chiseled to death and just drop the time stamp of the bend test portion of the video, here.

Again, the bend test does crack and displace the screen from the frame but thanks to a bit of flex the touch functionality remained steady and required the host to commit other acts of tech atrocities to finally destroy the Surface Pro 6.

In the end, the Surface Pro 6 and iPad Pro weren’t not engineered to be handled with such flagrant regard for caution, but in the advent, they are ever in the rare situation where caution has been thrown to the wind, it seems only one of these potentially $1,000 devices seems equipped for usage afterward.