Non-Nokia Windows Phone users: why should I choose anything but a Nokia?

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Aug 2nd, 2014 inNews


Calling all Windows Phone users who chose a device that wasn’t a Nokia, why should I choose anything but a Nokia device? I’m getting pretty bored of my Lumia 925, and I’m thinking about upgrading to something new. Of course, being a Windows Phone user, I immediately began looking a alternative Lumia devices, but then it occurred to me, Nokia aren’t the only Windows Phone OEM.

My question is, why would anyone buy a Windows Phone that wasn’t Nokia? Looking at it from a consumer point of view, Nokia has way more advantages with Windows Phone over HTC or Samsung, don’t they? Nokia are now housed under Microsoft, which potentially makes Nokia to Microsoft the iPhone to Apple, right?

I’m looking at you, non-Nokia Windows Phone users. Why did you decide to go for a device that wasn’t a Lumia? What advantages does it hold over the Lumia product line? HTC are about to release its One variant for Windows Phone, and Samsung have some pretty cool Windows Phones too.

I assume other OEM’s have just as cool Windows Phones, so I’d like everyone and I mean everyone who use a device that isn’t a Nokia to convince me to buy their device. Do keep in mind that I am looking for an upgrade from the Nokia Lumia 925, so a device that’s subpar to that I probably won’t be interested in.

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