Storage Check, Touch, App Social, Booklet, and Advanced English Dictionary apps receive updates

Nokia's storage check, touch, app social, booklet, and advanced english dictionary apps receive update

If you are a Windows Phone user, it is time you fired up the Store app, and snagged the latest updates, as a few apps have bumped up their version numbers and added some cool new features.

First of all, Nokia's touch got an update. Touch lets you adjust the touch sensitivity of your Lumia device. With the latest update, the app now lets you disable vibration while clicking on hardware keys (back, windows and search). This change will require you to restart the phone.

Secondly, we have Nokia’s storage check, an app that lets you monitor how much space various apps are hogging. The update description, besides bumping up the version number to, doesn’t really tell us what has been added to the app. We expect bug fixes and other general improvements.

The third app to receive an update is App Social. This service lets you discover more Windows Phone apps. Again, there is no changelog available, so it’s likely to feature general improvements and bug fixes.

Booklet, a news reader and feed reader app for Facebook, received its first update as well. The app is really nice and is quite similar to Paper for iOS. As you would expect, the update irons out some bugs. The update has fixed the notification count bug, the search box that was showing over half the screen, video playback issues, and added likes and comment counters to the posts that weren’t properly displaying them.

Lastly, Advanced English Dictionary app received an update today. The new update revamps the user interface, redesigns word relation, and sorts the definition order.

You can snag the updated version of the apps from the download links below. 

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