Nokia's PureView, ClearBlack, Asha, Lumia trademarks are owned by Microsoft Mobile Oy

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Nokia's pureview, clearblack, asha, lumia trademarks are owned by microsoft mobile oy

Earlier this month we learned what Microsoft was planning to do with Nokia’s devices and its employees. But we did not get to know what it was going to do with Nokia’s registered trademarks such as PureView, and ClearBlack. A new report suggests that Microsoft Mobile Oy now owns those trademarks.

PureView and ClearBlack are two trademark technologies that are found exclusively on Nokia devices. PureView is associated with high-end cameras, whereas, ClearBlack is a technology that Nokia has implemented in some of its high-end devices that reduces the outside world reflection on the screen. Asha is the company’s high-end feature phone (or the entry level smartphone -- depends on how you look at it).

Microsoft Mobile Oy, which is the new division that Microsoft created to accommodate Nokia’s assets and merge it with its own Mobile technologies, now owns ClearBlack, PureView, and Asha, and 3 more trademarks. It also owns Surge and Mural, which are Nokia’s Symbian powered handsets. As learned from the previous report, Microsoft Mobile Oy also owns the Lumia trademark. It will be interesting to see why Microsoft cared about the Symbian trademarks and what’s in store for them.

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