Nokia's new ad claims the company is 'Not Like Everybody Else' [Video]

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Nokia's new ad claims the company is "Not Like Everybody Else" [Video]

Nokia has put up a new web ad titled “Not Like Everybody Else” on its YouTube channel. The video is the company’s first after being acquired by Microsoft, this one attempting to show how it is different from other mobile manufacturers. The clip emphasizes Nokia's colorful handsets. In the ad, where everyone is shaded in white and black, a pedestrian, who has been sketched in bright colors, walks down a street and takes his yellow Lumia 1020 out of a pocket. Seeing the guy and his phone leaves everyone envious. 

Nokia’s acquisition deal with Microsoft completed last week. As part of the agreement, 25,000 Nokia employees, including Nokia’s former CEO Stephen Elop, will be joining Microsoft today. Microsoft is likely to open a new division, “Microsoft Mobile", to maintain Nokia’s assets. Though, LumiaAsha and the recently launched Nokia X family will keep using the “Nokia” brand name.

As the Kink’s popular track “not like everybody else” plays in the background, Nokia, yet again, reminds us that it isn’t like everybody else. The video closes with the message, "everything just became a lot #morecolorful". Watch the video below and let us know what you think about this Microsoft's first Nokia ad. 

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