Nokia’s Lumia 930 UK release comes with new wireless charging ad

Nokia's Lumia 930 UK release comes with new wireless charging ad

The Nokia Lumia 930 in now available for customers in the United Kingdom, bringing what is known in the US as the Icon, to British customers. The new Windows Phone device from the Microsoft subsidiary comes with a five inch amoled screen, Gorilla Glass 3 and a 20 megapixel camera. 

To kickstart sales, Nokia has unveiled a new half-minute video ad that shows off the device…charging — it focuses, not so much on the phone, but on the wireless charging. The Lumia 930 is shown throughout the day, simply sitting on its charger — everywhere from the desk to the kitchen counter to a picnic table, Nothing is said, as it is all set to music. 

Unfortunately, it may not be the best marketing ploy for the device, as it really creates the perception that the handset spends most of its time needing a charge. Nokia, in the past, has proven to be masters of advertising — the massive Lumia launch events that took place around the world, along with clever TV ads, have shown that. You can watch the video below and judge for yourself the effectiveness of this one.

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