Nokia's first Windows Phone advertisement goes live

Nokia is finally launching its long-awaited and highly anticipated Windows Phone powered handsets and the company is also looking to make a big impact in Europe during the holidays. Nokia's new advertisement campaign is hoping to spark a fire for the company's products.

The marketing campaign, titled "Amazing Everyday," is targeted towards 25 year olds Europeans. Nokia is hoping that these young consumers will spread the word.

The interesting thing to note is that these advertisements are only running in Europe, for now at least. The United States will not see any Nokia marketing until 2012. Nokia is currently looking for a digital agency in San Francisco to extend "Amazing Everyday" to the US.

"You are not going to be able to turn a corner of a street or look at a TV or go on the Web or anything without seeing the Nokia marketing campaign. They've kept themselves in the marketplace but this is the big, big bet. There's a lot of money on the table," a London analyst stated.

Take a look at the advertisement below. Does it convince you to buy a Nokia smartphone?

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