Nokia’s Chennai factory employees take it to YouTube to draw attention


Nokia's Chennai factory employees take it to YouTube to draw attention

The employees of Nokia’s Chennai based factory are now requiring the help of social media sites in order to draw the attention of higher authority and people around the world.  In a video titled “Disconnecting People”, the employees of Sriperumbudur plant have described the ongoing situation where Nokia will soon start firing them. The employees fear that not many people are aware of their issue.

“In this whole thing, all people know is that there is a tax problem. The idea is to bring out the human element where workers are talking about what this job means to them,” said Madhu Dutta, a researcher on labor issues and special economic zones told TOI.

Nokia’s Chennai based plant didn’t become a part of company’s acquisition deal with Microsoft. Instead, Nokia will be working on the factory on a contract basis for the Redmond giant.

Nokia is facing several tax issues over its Sriperumbudur plant with the Indian government. In addition to the 21,000 crore rupees that Supreme Court ordered it to pay, the smartphone manufacturer was also fined by Tamil Nadu state government.

In the last few weeks, Nokia has reduced the production at its Chennai plant and has moved the equipment to its factories at China and Vietnam. Earlier this week we heard Nokia will be letting go some of its employees.

Employees are planning to take this issue to Facebook and Twitter as well.