Nokia’s bare-boned Nokia 105 handset soon to hit Europe for $20, doesn’t run Windows Phone

Nokia 105

As Nokia works hard to compete against the Apple iPhone and Google Android in the smartphone wars, Nokia is planning on releasing a bare-bones handset in Europe for $20. This handset is called the Nokia 105 and does not run on the Microsoft Windows Phone platform.

The Nokia 105 is 97% cheaper than the iPhone and features preloaded games, a color screen, a radio, a speaking clock, and a flashlight, all for $20. The handset runs on Nokia’s Series 30 software platform. The handset is already available in India and Indonesia and is expected to be available in Europe soon.

“The low-end, high-volume part of the mobile-phone market is a huge opportunity for Nokia in developing countries. These users will be likely to upgrade to more expensive phones over time, so it’s a good strategy to keep a high market share in this segment,” IDC analyst Francisco Jeronimo stated.

The handset is reported to have a battery life of 35 days and is resistant to water and dust. The handset also comes with text message tools that teach English and provide basic health care advice. You can check out the entire specs here.

Nokia recently revealed that it had sold 5.6 million Lumia smartphones during its first quarter. Those smartphones are powered by Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform. As Nokia continues to battle Apple and Google in the higher-end smartphone arena, the company is looking to remain well-rounded with the release of its low-end Nokia 105 handset.

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