Nokia X expected to sell 16 million units, as X+ and XL now up for pre-order at Amazon in Spain

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Nokia X expected to sell 16 million units, as X+ and XL now pre-order at Amazon in Spain

Our Spanish readers have a reason to rejoice, as both Nokia X+ and Nokia XL are already up for pre-order at Both the devices are running on a forked version of Android, which basically swaps all Google Mobile Services with its own Microsoft and Nokia alternatives.

The the Nokia X smartphone family is complicated, and how much profit will it bring to the table is yet to be determined. Meanwhile, according to Scott Bicheno from Strategy Analytics, Nokia will be able to sell 16 million units from the smartphone lineup of devices by the end of this year.

While Nokia X started shipping on the announcement day itself, X+ and XL are to be shipped in the second quarter. Selling at €119 for Nokia X+ and €129 for Nokia XL, both the smartphones have added €20 in taxes. Interestingly, in Spain you can snag a Lumia 520 -- the most successful Windows Phone at the same price.  Amazon pages, although guaranteeing shipping fulfillment, don’t reveal when the devices will be available. It is noteworthy to mention that the X family isn't targeted to the US and Japan markets.

With its rather unimpressive low-level specifications of 768 MB of RAM,  dual-core 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, and its current price point, neither of the two devices really provide you the best of buying options. It will be interesting to see how much impact these smartphones will have on the market, and how Microsoft deals with it.

You can check the VIA links to get to the Amazon store listing. 

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