Nokia workers strike due to Microsoft’s Nokia devices and services takeover

Nokia workers strike due to Microsoft takeover

The meeting deciding the fate of Nokia is growing upon us consumers slowly day by day. With less than a month to go, things are heating up at Nokia factories. Apparently, workers at Nokia’s factory in China are not satisfied with Nokia’s devices and services unit being bought by Microsoft.

Hundreds of employees stopped work on Tuesday, complaining of changes in the wake of Nokia’s sale of its mobile phones business to U.S. software giant Microsoft. The striking workers said they are being forced to sign new contracts with worse terms of employment. Hundreds of Nokia workers took part of the strike, and since then, 59 employees have lost their jobs since they did not come for work for several days.

While Nokia has met with their employees to explain their situation, it seems like the employees were still dissatisfied. CNET got a reply from Nokia saying:

We continue our efforts to engage a small group of employees in our Dongguan facility who are demanding a severance package — for jobs they have not lost and which continue to offer the same salary and benefits. The vast majority of employees are at work. Our manufacturing operations in Dongguan continue. We have also adjusted our operations in our other manufacturing facilities.

This is an intense moment for both Nokia and Microsoft. If the majority of the workers at the Dongguan facility leave their work, it will be a problem for Nokia, unless they get on the same page.

What do you think? Do you think these workers are doing what’s right? Or do you think their actions of rebelling are wrong? Leave your opinion in the comment section below!

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