Nokia: We’re way ahead of ‘outdated’ Apple and Google

According to Chris Weber, Nokia’s President, the company’s next-generation smartphones will offer a better interface and a far superior cloud experience compared to Google or Apple. Weber also attacked Android and iOS’s “outdated” app download method.

Weber claims that Nokia will offer a more seamless interface rather than having a heavy reliance on apps. Weber attacked Android and iOS during an interview with VentureBeat and claimed that the reliance on the app was “outdated” because it forces users to download multiple apps. Instead, Nokia will be taking a more Windows Phone approach and have the apps integrated into what people do.

Weber also claims that Nokia is above the competition when it comes to cloud integration. “We’re way ahead of them [Apple and Google],” Weber noted. Nokia plans on offering cloud features such as cross-platform services for enterprises all thanks to Microsoft’s cloud services. Weber also added that the new Nokia smartphones will utilize Microsoft’s SkyDrive and Office 365.

Remember the N9 Meego-based phone Nokia released? Well, according to Weber, this phone will never make it to release in the US. Apparently, the platform was an experiment and it will not be replicated.

Nokia and Microsoft are reportedly having a party in Germany on August 17th to talk about Nokia’s first Windows Phone 7 smartphone. Both companies reached a partnership agreement several months back and smartphone users have been eagerly awaiting to hear more.

Windows phone powered Nokia smartphones will not be available in the US “in volume” until 2012. This is because Nokia wants to build a good working relationship with the carriers prior to releasing the phones. So much for a Nokia Windows Phone as a Christmas present.

Take a look at the interview below:

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