Nokia videos show how easy it is to move to a new Lumia

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Nokia videos show how easy it is to move to a new Lumia

While there are some of us who like to flit from one phone to another, upgrading to the latest and greatest handset as soon as it is released, there are plenty of people who stick doggedly with the same one for years and years. This may be because they are just very happy with the phone they’re using, but there are lots of people who are worried that the process of getting files, settings and apps from the old device to the new one.

With so many new handsets hitting the market, Nokia is understandably keen to dispel the myths. In a new video, the company shows just how simple the move to a new Lumia device can be — even for those who would not class themselves as being particularly computer literate.

There are five videos in total, covering various scenarios — moving from Android, iOS, Nokia, Windows Phone and BlackBerry — so whatever situation you find yourself in (or someone you know, for that matter), there’ a guide for you.

Worried about how to make the switch yourself? Watch the video below to see how easy the transfer could be.

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