Nokia Treasure Tags now available on Verizon for $29.99 in three different colors

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Nokia treasure tags now available on verizon for $29. 99 in three different colors

We tend to forget our keys and sometimes other important belongings when we rush out the door. But all that changes with Nokia's Treasure Tags, aimed at making sure you never forget any important item at home when you head out of your house or office. This accessory is now available for purchase on Verizon for $29.99.

The accessory is small, measuring 30 x 30 x 10mm and weighing only 13g, and can connect to your phone via NFC or Bluetooth 4.0. There is also an accompanying app for Windows Phone handsets that goes by the name of Treasure Tags, which can help you keep track of your belongings and locate them if misplaced. The Treasure Tag comes with a battery life of up to six months, and can be replaced using a coin size cell on the back of the accessory.

Pairing the accessory with your device for the first time will prompt you to download the companion app for your device. So, if you leave an item with the Treasure tag attached to it, you'll get an alarm on your smartphone as well as the item, reminding you about the forgotten item and vice versa. Even if you have misplaced your item, the application will help you locate it using HERE maps.

Head over to Verizon to check out the accessory, it's available in white, yellow, and black. No word on when the cyan color will be made available, and when other carriers will have the accessory available for purchase.

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