Nokia touts the Lumia 1520 as having the best screen Nokia has ever made

Nokia touts the Lumia 1520 as having the best screen Nokia has ever made

Nokia’s 6-inch Windows Phone 8 powered Lumia 1520 is set to be released in a few days and Nokia has taken it to their official blogs to brag about the device. In fact, Nokia claims that the Lumia 1520 features the best screen Nokia has ever made.

“In terms of technology and providing a great experience to our customers, the Nokia Lumia 1520 has the best screen we’ve ever created. This screen is the culmination of everything we know about how to make screens,” Nokia Display and Touch technology manager Jussi Ropo stated.

While the Lumia 920, 925, and 1020 had High Brightness Mode and Sunlight Readability Algorithms for better display in direct sunlight, Nokia decided to go with Assertive Display Algorithm made by Apical for the Lumia 1520. This allows runs the assertive display to run at an individual pixel level to make the screen more readable.

“If the content on the screen is darker on the right than on the left, the pixels on each side will be stimulated differently to each other to maximize both visibility and quality. The result is a screen that’s fully responsive to the environment,” Nokia explained.

Nokia further adds that Assertive Display is similar to the human visual system and processes images in real time just like your eyes. The large 6-inch screen will also dim and adjust itself accordingly in order to provide comfortable viewing experience in any environment.

The Nokia Lumia 1520 goes on sale November 22nd on the AT&T network.

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