Nokia teams up with Airtel to present free app downloads for Nokia XL users

Nokia teams up with Airtel to present free app downloads for Nokia XL users

In an effort to lure in more customers to use its XL smartphone, Nokia has partnered up with India’s leading telecom company Airtel to provide six months of free app downloads from its official and third-party app stores.

However, it is not unlimited downloading. Users will get 500MB of free usage each month which they can use to download Android apps from the Nokia Store and other third-party stores, including 1Mobile.

"To help our consumers experience these apps, we are offering free downloads on Airtel from the Nokia Store and several popular third-party apps stores," Nokia India Sales Director Marketing Viral Oza, said in a press release today.

Last month, Microsoft Devices launched the Nokia X+ and Nokia XL handsets in India. While they run on Android, the devices don’t feature the typical arrangement most of us are familiar with. The customized version of the operating system utilizes Android Open Source Project, though it doesn’t sport any of Google's Mobile Services.

The lack of Google Mobile Services means that Nokia X devices won’t be able to download apps from Google’s Play Store. Though, Nokia has built its own app store for Android apps, which it calls the Nokia Store. While there are several third-party app stores as well, users can also side-load application on their phones.

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