Nokia takes a swipe at blurry Oscars selfie taken on a Samsung phone

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Nokia takes a swipe at blurry Oscars selfie taken on a Samsung phone

When it comes to spats between big companies it is usual Apple and Microsoft or Microsoft and Google hitting the headlines. This time around, Nokia decided to get a quick dig in at Samsung following Ellen DeGeneres' record-breaking selfie tweet at the Oscars. Aside from the fact that this became the most retweeted image in Twitter history, Nokia was more concerned with the fact that selfies posted by Ellen were out of focus.

It was widely advertised that the photos were taken on a Samsung phone, so Nokia took the opportunity to offer a little advice.

Nokia is well-placed to poke fun; its Lumia devices are highly regarded when it comes to the photos they are capable of producing.

Samsung will obviously be incredibly happy at the free advertising it managed to gather from Ellen's now famous photo, but it's not clear how the company feels about having fun poke at it. In response to the Nokia tweet, lots of Twitter users were on hand to suggest that a Lumia handset should be used for future selfies!

It's not quite in the same vein as Scroogled, but how do you feel about companies sideswiping each other? Is it childish, or just harmless fun?

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