Nokia takes aim at Apple and Google, invests in high-res cameras for its Lumia smartphones

Nokia is taking aim at Apple and Google and hopes to dethrone the number one and number two (respectively) smartphone platforms in the market. The first step is invest in high-resolution cameras for its smartphones.

Nokia is planning on investing in California startup Pelican Imaging, as the company begins to travel the long road of winning back customers from Apple and Google. Nokia wants to have cameras that give greater depth and ease of splicing together images.

Nokia’s investment in Pelican Imaging is part of the company’s effort to stimulate demand in the company’s Lumia line of Windows Phone smartphones. Nokia wishes to reverse falling sales and recover market share. Windows Phone is currently in third place behind Google’s second place rank and Apple’s first place rank.

Pelican Imaging is known for their array cameras, which use multiple optics and mesh the data into one image. “It’s very complicated to do this algorithmically and Pelican is one of the companies that has mastered this technology,” Nokia stated.

This type of competition in the smartphone market is always a win-win situation for us consumers! So for those of you who thought the camera on your Lumia smartphone was awesome, just wait, the cameras are only going to get better on a Nokia!

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