Nokia’s shares skyrocket to 47%, all thanks to Microsoft

If you invest in stocks, then this the perfect time to invest in Nokia shares. Following the big news of the acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft, Nokia shares went up to €4.14, increasing from €2.96, which is a 47% increase.

In case you missed the details, Microsoft will pay Nokia a total of €3.79 billion to purchase Nokia’s Devices & Services business and €1.65 billion to license Nokia’s patents, for a total acquisition price of €5.44 billion in cash, or $7.2 billion US dollars.

This is a whopping increase for Nokia, whose shares have been down 82% since 2007. The company got rid of its failing business while keeping all the good parts – the NSN telecom infrastructure division, the HERE map division and patents.

While Nokia investors are appreciating this deal, Microsoft investors are exactly the opposite. Microsoft shares opened down 5.2 percent to $31.75.

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