Nokia sends 50 Cent a free Lumia 1020

Nokia sends 50 Cent a free Lumia 1020

50 Cent is not a man who is short of a cent or two — or a dollar or two for that matter — but the rapper found himself the recipient of a shiny, new Nokia Lumia 1020 completely free of charge. A Nokia representation met 50 Cent at CES earlier this year having read an article in USA today in which the music star said that he has bought a smartphone just for the camera.

Nokia’s handset are renowned for the quality of their cameras and the company saw association with the rapper as a great marketing tool. Sure enough, 50 Cent was sent a Lumia 1020 handset and he quickly blogged about his excitement on Instagram:

“I got a new phone today it’s kinda HOT. the camera on it is killing my other phone.#SMSaudio”

The handset was accompanied by a note from Nokia that read:

Hi Curtis,

Great seeing you at CES! We caught your interview in USA Today regarding purchasing a phone simply for the camera… and wanted to save you a trip to the store. Would love it if you give the Lumia 1020 a shot!


Iuha and your friends at Nokia

We already know that the 1020 is a handset that Nokia is particularly proud of — the company recently released a video suggesting that the camera could produce better photographs than a DSLR.

It would sure be nice if a few more of us could be saved a trip to the store!

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