Nokia rolls out exclusive ‘App Folder’ for Lumia Windows Phone devices, lets you create folders!

Nokia Lumia Black update adds folders feature, download the exclusive 'App Folder' for Lumia here

Nokia surprised the Windows Phone community today with an announcement that the Nokia Lumia “Black” update rollout was now underway. On top of that, Nokia revealed a new feature that is now available – called App Folders.

With App Folders, you can create folders with apps inside them, similar to the functionality found on Android and iOS. This can be rather convenient for those who wish to better organize their Start screen. You don’t even need the “Black” firmware update in order to use this app. In fact, we have received word that those on the “Amber” update can install this app just fine.

This app is exclusive to Nokia Windows Phone 8 devices. “Tidy up your Start screen and make things easier to find with App Folder. You can gather similar apps together or keep your most used settings in one place – it’s up to you. Simply create and name a folder, add the apps and settings you want, and then pin it to your Start screen. You can create as many app folders as you need and edit them as you go,” the app description reads.

Hit the download link below to snag the app. Remember, you are required to have a Nokia Lumia device in order to snag this app.

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