Nokia Research Center reveals all-round touch screen device concept

Email Twitter: @ZacB_ Nov 12th, 2011 inNews

The 25th anniversary of Nokia’s Research Center just recently passed, and have revealed a new concept where the body of the phone is touch screen, which could open up a world of new possibilities for app developers.

Nokia is calling this device the Nokia Gem because “precious stones have several sides.” The device includes a touch screen, which is located on the front, back and sides, and include an interactive display that can change depending on what function is being used at the time.

An example could be if you’re using a navigation app, you could see a quick overview of the location on the front, then flip it over to see a more detailed analyses. You could also snap a picture and wrap it around the whole phone to use it as a wallpaper.

The device does not include any physical button, the phone completely relies on touch and gestures, which does have its pro’s and con’s. You can also drag and drop icons from the menu and put them anywhere on the phone, whether that’s on the back or side of the device.

Nokia could also include the option to opt in to show advertisements on the back of the device in an exchange for a discount on the monthly bill.

Having all this touch screen would be amazing, but how would gaming and surfing the web work in reality? And how long would the battery actually last?

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