Nokia to produce Normandy Android phone despite Microsoft acquisition?


Nokia to produce Normandy Android phone despite Microsoft acquisition?

Nokia is a name now synonymous with Windows Phone handsets and the firm is so strongly associated with Microsoft that the acquisition of the company came as very little surprise. But it is looking as though the Finnish company may not be limiting itself to producing hardware for Microsoft — there could also be an Android handset in the pipeline.

The codename Normandy has been bandied about by various sources, including the usually reliable Evleaks, for a little while now, but the rumors seem to be hotting up. If speculation is to be believe, Nokia is not only on the verge of releasing an Android handset, but had produced its own custom version of Google’s operating system.

Employees who are working on the project report that Normandy continue in spite of the Nokia / Microsoft deal, but it is not clear quite when the handset may see the light of day, beyond it being some time in 2014.

It is believed that the handset will cater for the lower end of the market — it is being touted as the equivalent of Nokia’s Asha range. It could be that this is a device that will only be released in certain markets rather than receiving a global launch.

The move to support Android would not be completely unprecedented. Other phone manufacturers — including HTC — already produce both Android and Windows Phone devices. This instance is just a little stranger due to Nokia’s Microsoft connection.

What do you think of the device? How does the marriage of Nokia hardware and Android sit with you?