Nokia: Power Fix for Lumia 800 on the way

Nokias new Windows Phone Lumia 800 devivce has been suffering from power issues since launch, the company has announced plans to release a software update which should resolve these issues very soon.

Finnish phone maker Nokia has today announced plans to release a software update which should solve problems with power on the Lumia 800 device. The update is expected to arrive in December, with another one following in January.

Nokia said in a report on their forums: “We understand that some people have expressed concerns about battery life on the Nokia Lumia 800. Early investigations show that the majority of people are enjoying the full Nokia Lumia experience without any problems. A software update in early December will include improvements to power efficiency, while a second update in early January introduces further enhancements to battery life and battery charging.”

While a lot of users have been complaining about the power issues on the device, others haven’t had any problems, which Nokia can’t seem to understand.

Nokia recently released it’s Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 devices at the Nokia World Conference a few weeks ago, Nokia plan on making the devices the one to buy when it comes to Windows Phones.

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