Nokia paying developers to build Windows Phone apps

Nokia, who formed a partnership with Microsoft several months ago, is attempting to appeal to app developers by offering incentives such as pre-installing their software on upcoming phones, prominent promotional tactics, and app funding. All this to have an abundant catalog of applications under their belt.

From what is reported, Nokia currently offers app developers a variety of incentives, such as coding assistance and marketing. “We do not disclose these arrangements, as each is different,” one Nokia spokesperson stated.

“We felt that with Windows Phone we had a greater chance of maintaining long-term differentiation, [however] we need the Windows Phone ecosystem to grow overall,” Nokia CEO Stephen Elop stated.

Nokia hopes to increase that growth by offering these incentives to boost the platform. Developers do not want to spend time creating an app for a platform that isn’t popular or is not succeeding. Nokia understands that and hopes to turn that belief around, especially when it comes to the Windows Phone platform.

Microsoft and Nokia announced that development of Windows Phone based Nokia devices has made significant progress and Nokia has already started porting applications and services to the platform. The goal is to start volume shipments of the new products in 2012.

Nokia’s premiere Windows Phone, code-named Sea Ray, is currently being tested and will be the first Nokia phone to run Windows Phone 7. Nokia is expected to release this phone in the next few months.

Nokia is opening its wallet in the hope of spurring that growth.

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