Nokia patent suit against HTC gets tossed by German court

Nokia patent suit against HTC gets tossed by German court

Nokia, like all tech companies these days (at least it seems that way) is busy with litigation. The Finnish handset maker has been after HTC in European courts, winning a case in the UK. Despite that win, sales have not yet been halted for either the HTC One, nor the HTC One Mini.

However, the Windows Phone maker has suffered a setback on the continent. A German court, led by Judge Dr. Matthias Zigann, has thrown out Nokia’s patent infringement case against HTC. The suit alleged that HTC had infringed on Nokia’s patent regarding a way for updating mobile software.

The judge saw this much differently than his British counterpart, stating in court this morning that HTC devices don’t meet the claim limitations leveled by Nokia. The case had been ongoing since 2012, and this presents a setback for the company, though not the end of the wrangling.

The company issued a statement following the ruling, which read, in part “Nokia respectfully disagrees with the judgment of the Regional Court in Munich, Germany, which today ruled that HTC products do not infringe Nokia’s patent EP 0 804 046. Nokia is considering an appeal of this decision”. Expect an appeal.

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