Nokia patent for ‘Apparatus Cover with Keyboard’ uncovered, a glimpse at a possible tablet design

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Nokia tablet

Nokia has been rumored to be working on its own tablet for a while now. According to a patent filing which has been uncovered, we are getting out first look at a design concept for a Nokia tablet that was being worked on before Microsoft released the Surface RT.

Nokia filed for a patent called “Apparatus Cover with Keyboard” which features a cover can fold in different ways, based on how the user wants it. Nokia wants to create a tablet that is unique and not something that is already seen in the tablet market.

This patent was filed back in October 2011, before Nokia even planned on a Windows RT tablet device, but it shows what Nokia was working on before Microsoft came out with its own Surface tablet device. We know that Nokia may be resuming its efforts on its own tablet device, but will it be similar to the design concept in the patent filing?

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Nokia tablet

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