Nokia offers solution for Lumia 900 data bug

Seems like the pressure of playing catch-up to Apple and the army of Androids has taken its toll on Nokia. The company, which is betting big on its new line of Windows-powered smartphones, has admitted a “memory management” issue experienced by those lucky enough to lay their hands on the first few units of the new Lumia 900.

Quick to react, Nokia has announced that Lumia 900 owners can swap their phone for a new one – with updated software. Those who choose to hold on to their phones out of sentimental value can update their gadget on April 16th, using the Zune client. Anyone who buys a Nokia Lumia 900 between the launch and the midnight of April 21st will receive a $100 credit on their AT&T phone bill, and a sweet red-faced “We’re sorry” note from Nokia.

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